Rapid Mixer Granulator is wide used equipment in Pharmaceutical manufacturing and helps in combining the ingredients and make the granules before compression and additionally known as a high shear mixer.

Precikot High Shear Mixer Granulator is designed to meet the special needs of tablet formulation technology. This is achieved by reducing processing time, homogeneous mixing, even distribution of binder, wetting, nucleation and granule size growth with sampling provision for in-process analysis and proven safety during processing, compliant to cGMP norms.

Precikot Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed to meet the special needs of drying of Pharmaceuticals (Formulations and Bulk Drugs).

Key Features of Rapid Mixer Granulator

  • Unique design incorporating Impeller, Granulator, Online Co-mill, Side discharge valve & dryer
  • Ensures the round and even granules of high density.
  • Meets cGMP requirements.
  • Dry and wet granulation in one step.
  • Detachable impeller & chopper ensure 100% cleaning.
  • The minimum possible gap between the bottom surface and impeller ensures no deposition at the bottom surface.
  • Specially mounted torque sensor arrangement for critical parameters of granulation like endpoint determination & desired granule profile.
  • Process control and interlock through by PLC & colour touch screen HMI with SCADA facility.
  • Automated discharge interlocked & interfaced with PLC.
  • PLC interfaced binder feeding, WIP, Auto Powder Loading.
  • Optional features of Jacketed models, Vacuum / Gravity Charging, Mechanical Seals.
  • ATEX Compliant option was available.

We supply and export in the following countries:

  1. Russia
  2. Africa
  3. Latin America
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Egypt
  6. Ghana
  7. Iran
  8. Iraq
  9. Indonesia
  10. Malaysia
  11. Nepal
  12. Nigeria