The ointment manufacturing plant is used by the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries for the production of lotions, toothpaste and Precikot is the leading manufacturer of it.

The Ointment Manufacturing Plants is a universal mixing system developed for the production of emulsions and suspensions in the pharmaceutical industry in particular, but also in cosmetics industries.

Our systems are fully optimized for delivering the best performance with reduced life-cycle costs.


Pharmaceuticals –

Sterile & Non-Sterile Ointment, Cream, Gel, Lotion, Medicated toothpaste

Cosmetic –

Lotions, Cream, Shaving Creams, sun Cream gels, Hair Dyes creams Shampoos, Conditioners, Tooth Paste, Bath Additives, Footcare Products and Many more.

Key features of the ointment manufacturing Plant

  • Fully Automated processing system
  • Flexible process parameters setting
  • Variable Speed adjustment
  • Semi Contra Rotary agitator with open slot scraper design
  • Short loop product re-circulation for smaller batch sizes
  • Separate pre-mix vessels for wax and water phase
  • Heating/cooling and insulated jackets with temperature control and safety equipment
  • Process piping with transfer panel design for automated plants
  • In-line high shear mixer options
  • Load cell for accurate weighing
  • Cleaning-in-place cycles with dosing systems


  • Vessel design as per ASME guideline and tailor-made design as per user’s requirements.
  • The best combination of vessel and agitation system, offering high productivity, quality, and yield
  • Conical design and geometric ratios ensure optimum product flow
  • All surfaces angled to ensure ease of cleaning during CIP operations


  • The easy-to-use mixer control package can incorporate process parameters storage for simple and fast set-up
  • PLC based, with touch screen MMI and SCADA packages
  • Choice of packages to suit application requirements
  • Flexible configuration
  • Manufacturing Vessel or Jacketed planetary mixer
  • Was phase vessel
  • Water phase vessel
  • Storage vessel
  • Vacuum pump
  • Control pump
  • Product piping
  • Working platform
  • Material transfer pump to transport stuff from manufacturing vessel or wandering mixer to storage vessel & storage vessel to Ointment (Tube) filling device.


  • 5 – 10,000 Kgs.

We supply and export in the following countries:

  1. Russia
  2. Africa
  3. Latin America
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Egypt
  6. Ghana
  7. Iran
  8. Iraq
  9. Indonesia
  10. Malaysia
  11. Nepal
  12. Nigeria