The Inline Mixer Cum Microniser that we produce and supply is made from high-quality raw materials obtained from a reliable vendor base. Our goods are commonly used in a variety of mixing applications. The mixers are designed using cutting-edge engineering technology. As a result, our products are lightweight and cutting-edge in terms of design and technology. For a stable environment, we load the mixers with regular materials. All of our machines are built to international quality standards because we are a quality-driven company. Our complete line of Industrial Machines is available in various sizes and other configurations to meet our customers’ needs. Furthermore, to have a high-quality proof collection, our company conducts a thorough quality check during the manufacturing process. Our quality controllers are in charge of this operation. We adhere to responsible business principles and fair practices, allowing us to serve a diverse client base worldwide. Precikot is a company dedicated to the advancement of continuous mixing systems. product consistency and stability are the benefits of Inline mixer cum micronised machines, which come at a lower cost to you. Emission occurs in the mixing chamber of Precikot inline machines, which is reduced to the smallest volume. As a result, the mixing energy is added to the substance as efficiently as possible. The product flow is guided through special designed rotor-stator tools in Precikot inline machines. As a consequence, the particle size is consistent replicable and has a narrow distribution. The processing of coarse and fine emulsions, suspensions, wet milling, and homogenization. Inline machines offer advanced mixing solutions. Several types of inline machines for different mixing technologies are available from Precikot. The inline devices come in eight different sizes and can be used for both small-scale and large-scale manufacturing. All Precikot inline mixers are powered by a belt drive mechanism, which ensures scalability. By maintaining a constant speed for each unit.

Key features of Inline Mixer Cum Microniser

  • Model available IMM – 100 to IMM – 3000
  • High-speed stator and rotor construction.
  • Available for both batch and continuous production.
  • Inbuilt mechanical seal.
  • The high degree of sanitary finish.
  • Meets GMP and FDA norms.
  • MOC SS 316 / 316L.
  • cGMP with documentation.