Contra Mixer is highly versatile and mostly used for manufacturing Tooth Paste, Creams, Cosmetics and other viscous products. As the name implies works on the policy of Contra rotation of Blades for simultaneous beating and scraping operation of Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant. The contra mixer is designed to deliver better mixing and uniform granules at lower running cost along with higher potency. It works with full vacuum or load and at higher rates. It is comprehensively jacketed for vapour or hot water flow. Contra Mixer as the name recommend works on the system of contra rotation blades for contemporary beating & scraping action. The mixer is highly adaptable and mostly used for manufacturing toothpaste, creams, cosmetics & various product.

Why choose us for Contra Mixer?

We offer a series of paddle type blades of suitable shape to move the material back towards the middle of the container. The paddle type blades are stored on the central shaft which goes through a deep shaft on which other sets of leaves are welded. Both the sets of leaves intermesh with each other & one set also dismisses the container wall for thorough & uniform mixing of the stock. The mixer is so meant to withstand high vacuum applied in the method for best mixing. Contra mixer is equipped with a jacket for cooling or heating as per the request.

Features of Contra Mixer

  • The contra mixer is provided with bent paddle blades throughout the top of the vessel
  • Intimate mixing, shearing and mixing potential with the central shaft in the rotary machine
  • Effective teflon scraper blades for scrapping product material from the vessel wall
  • Uniform and homogeneous mixture of viscous results due to the contra rotary movement
  • Adequate sanitary design to check product adulteration
  • Compact in size with a more modest floor size
  • All the non-contact parts configured with light steel or SS 304 material
  • Mounting possible with the mounting of commodity containers on the attached legs
  • Steam distribution capacity available for processing bowl
  • Provided with digital temperature sign for possessing a check on temperature parameters
  • Full glass wool packing ready
  • No air pollution due to vacuum control
  • Ideal mixer for high frequency and viscosity substances
  • Provides durability, sturdy design and smooth functionality
  • Flameproof control panel available for safe functioning
  • Appropriate for thorough mixing, blending of toothpaste, grease and all other viscous compounds also
  • Solid shaft with multiple paddle blades for rapid operation
  • Inbuilt homogenizer with the mechanical seal that is helpful for emulsification